Collagen facial masks 1 set includes:

Total 10 sheets x 24ml


◆Contains Hydrolized Collagen Collagen is an essential substance for skin luster and moisture. Extracted from the ocean, collagen has high skin affinity and moisture to smoothen and invigorate the skin.


◆Silk-Touch Cellulose Mask Sheet Long fiber cellulose sheet, silken touch and soft to skin, clings outstandingly to the skin without rumple, and contains a whole bottle of ampoule to provide rich moisturization and nutrition effects.


How to Use

1. After wash up, clean up the face with skin toner, take the mask, and apply the sheet on the face.

2. Take a short rest for 15~20 minutes, and remove the mask.

3. Gently pat on the remaining essence to be absorbed into the skin after removing the mask.


**NOTE** I was able to get hold of great prices from Mediheal Headquarter for short remaining expiration date approximately from 4 ~ 10 months left.


Expiration Date: 2022-12

[MEDIHEAL] Facial Mask Pack Collagen Impact Essential Mask EX 10P (C0002)

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