Bio Capsulin Hydra Drop Mask includes:

1 x 13ml


◆Skin Type:

- Customers who want to have smooth skin care
- Customers who want to provide vitality and protection for their skin
- Customers who are looking for a mask product that provides adhesion, cooling and moisture



- Contains sodium hyaluronate and ceramide NP (ampoule)
- Contains avocado oil to provide vitality to the skin (oil capsule)



- Provides moisture and pore care using moist ampoule and premium oil capsule
- Helps absorb the moisture capsule into the skin due to the sealing effect of bio cellulose sheet
- Protects the skin with the 3D molding pot to help deliver oil capsules to the skin



How to Use

1. Unroll the sheet by picking up the end of the sheet using your fingers.

2. While attaching along the eyes, nose and mouth, gently roll to absorb the capsules on the sheet into the skin.

3. After 15–20 min, remove the mask and gently pat the remaining essence to promote absorption.

※ Attach the mask for no longer than 20 min. Reapply the remaining capsule essence to increase moisturizing power.



**NOTE** I was able to get hold of great prices from Mediheal Headquarter for short remaining expiration date approximately from 4 ~ 10 months left.


Expiration Date: 2021-05

[MEDIHEAL] Bio Capsulin Hydra Drop Mask (C0011)

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